May 2  2020


Harris Kal Productions


Murder Mystery Overview


(One Professional Character)

A detective has just arrived at the event because a murder has taken place and everybody is a suspect!  It is up to the group to solve the crime and put the guilty person away.

Beat 1: The Murder

When the detective arrives, the group is given an orientation that previews the logistics of the event.  Each person receives a biography that will detail what his or her relationship is to the murder victim.  The group is given time to study and memorize their individual biography. Guests will then be given the chance to question each other and collect data about all of the potential suspects.  Each participant must be completely honest about their relationship to the victim, except for the murderer. However, guests may improvise and embellish their stories as much as they want.  (15 minutes)

Beat 2:  The Police Report

The detective reveals the details of the “Police Report” and guests are given additional time to question each other based upon the new information they are given in the Police Report. (15 minutes)

Beat 3: The Autopsy Report

The details of the “Autopsy Report” are disclosed by the detective in Beat 3, and the questioning continues.  (15 minutes)

Beat 4:  Second Thoughts – What Has Been Observed?

In Beat 4, the detective divulges more specific information about several of the suspects.  It is during Beat 4 when guests will form their opinions about the guilty party and ask questions related to their motives.  The detective may question suspects in Beat 4 as well.  (10 to 15 minutes)

Beat 5: The Conclusion

During the final Beat, each guest is given the opportunity to take the information they have gathered and cast a vote for the suspect he or she believes is guilty.  Ballots are collected – the guests who solve the mystery are rewarded and the murderer is escorted out in handcuffs!  (10 to 15 minutes)


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